2D Drafting

2D drafting and drawing features

We offer Design and Drafting services giving you possibility to spend most of your time on creativity and implementation. We ensure you top quality output for you as designers and developers. Our design and drafting team make use of wide range of software tools to provide you right support for your needs.with the 2D drafting and drawing features in Autodesk’s 2D desk CAD software solutions,drafters can design,edit and share precise technical drawing and layout.

AutoCAD software for 2D drafting can help you:

  1. Draft designs more quickly, without using stencils and technical drawing instruments
  2. Develop site plans, refine concepts, sketch technical drawings and share your ideas
  3. Customise templates and drawings more precisely
  4. Collaborate with colleagues and clients using other compatible Autodesk software. products

Autodesk offers specialised versions of AutoCAD software for architecture, MEP (mechanical,electrical and plumbing) and piping design.
All Autodesk products support the DWG file format, so you can easily review 2D drawings in 3D programmes.